nov 2016 radium doxy.jpg

Cheap Wine - Cheap Wine (Drunken Sailor Records)
Radium Doxy - Behind Those Eyes
Weekend Dads - September Downs (It's Alive Records)
Deamons - Best Outta You! (Fucking Scam Records)
Dyscontrol - Living Without (P-Trash Records)
Dirty Kills - Dead End Shithole (Tour Van Records)
The Age - The Age (Poncho Records)
Varsity Weirdos - Close the Blinds 7" (It's Alive Records)
Best Fiends - Best Fiends (Bruised Tongue Records)
OUTTACONTROLLER - Television Zombie (P-Trash, Southpaw & Young Modern Records)
No Bodies - No Bodies (Poncho Records)
Psychic Fair - Bees on Ice
Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs - Gates of Hell (Southpaw Records, Burger Records)
Poncho Records - Compilation Vol. 1 (Poncho Records)
Crossed Wires - Crossed Wires EP
Feral Trash - Trashfiction (P-Trash Records)
Al Tuck - Stranger at the Wake (Cameron House Records)
Dave Marsh And The True Love Rules - The Cause of Many Troubles (Stove Records)
Fat Stupids - No Fun (Poor Sport Records)
Cold Warps - Endless Bummer (Bruised Tongue Records)
OUTTACONTROLLER - Don't Play Dumb (P-Trash Records)
Tongan Death Grip - Chula Vista (P-Trash Records)
Long Weekends - Don't Reach Out 7" (Noyes Records)
Mardeen - Miss You Forever
Thalidomy Kids - Spirochaete (Fucking Scam Records)
Dance Movie - Ladycops
Kuato - Winter EP & Summer EP
The Stolen Minks - Hit and Run